Austinburg Mill

Copper Sulfate Crystals
5 pound containers.
50 pound bag.
Copper sulfate crystals are used to control algae in impounded waters, lakes, ponds and reservoirs.


Catt Plex
1 quart container.
Catt Plex is used for the control of aquatic and landscape vegetation. Water that has been treated with Catt Plex may be used for swimming, fishing, drinking, livestock, and irrigation.


1 gallon container.
Aquashade filters wavelengths of sunlight to control unwanted aquatic weeds and algae in ponds. It also colors water a pleasing aqua-blue and enhances the aesthetic qualities of a water body.


WeedPlex Pro
1 quart container.
WeedPlex Pro is a nonvolatile herbicidal chemical for use as a general herbicide to control weeds. WeedPlex Pro controls weeds by interfering with photosynthesis within green plant tissue. Absorption and herbicidal action is usually quite rapid with effects visible in a few days.


Stocktrine II
32 Fl. oz
Stocktrine II effectively and economically controls algae growth commonly found in stock watering tanks, troughs and ponds. Treated water can be used immediately for stock watering.


Microbe-Lift PL
1 quart container.
Microbe-Lift PL creates a healthy pond enviroment, it contains photosynthetic bacteria which reduces cloudy water by promoting flocculation and settling of organic and inorganic particles.


Lake Colorant WSP
4 X 1 Water Soluble Packets
Lake Colorant water soluable packets are used to color ponds to stop the growth of micro-organisms.


Barley Straw.
Barley Straw helps clarify your ponds without using chemicals and is most effective in shallow waters with sunlight and circulation. The amount of straw required is primarily dependent to the surface area of the body of water. Ponds with a history of algae problems should be treated at a rate of 1/2 lb per 500 gallons. In order to apply the straw it must first be broken apart, if the bales are packed to tightly and do not allow adequate water movement through the straw. The loose straw should be placed in some form of netting and then placed in the water.

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